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Are flashes serious about winning?
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marcus schultz
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Posted: Mon Sep 1, 2008

Are the Flashes serious about winning? Well i know its only the first week of the season 2008/09 but its really a topc we need to discuss.They played their first match of the season today september the 1st 2008 and it was against the Thrashers. They had a very good start to the game in the 1st quarter scoring 16pts to 22. They were only down by 3 goals but Power forward/center for flashes gave away two technical fouls one in the half way mark of the 1st quarter and the other at the end of the 1st quarter. A second quarter effort only scoring 8pts to 15 found themselves down by 13 pts. The 3rd quarter the Flashes yet again out scored by a very impressive Thrashers side the Flashes scored 2pts to 15. They found themselves down by 26pts at 3-quarter time. The final quarter was a blow out they were out scored for the fourth straight quarter in a row. The Flashes scored 5pts to 28 the final score was Thrashers-80 to Flashes-31. Maybe if Jayden Murphy (Dylan Goslands teammate) got more of the ball and if they played as a team they could of won or only lost the game by a small margain. Their next match is tomorrow against the Heat who have still yet to play,but the real question is can the the Flashes put on a show and defeat the Heat or will they have another disgraceful match and lose? Its up to them on depart of the millgrove basketball league thankyou for listening to my comments and discussion.Marcus .s. manager of the millgrove 2on2 basketball league.

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Forum Home »  Game Discussions »  Are flashes serious about winning?
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